Building materials plays an important role in creating a work of quality and perfection. But how to choose the medium quality material, again just to ensure affordable prices is not easy. With the following criteria will help you choose the best building materials for his work.

1. Cat

You can use the manual method to identify impurities sand have been different or not. You just took a handful of sand in his hand, then released, if contaminants (including silt, clay), stick in hand, it certainly does not meet quality sand, which can negatively affect work . Or another way is poured sand into glass cup of water and stir well, after a while the sand will settle to the bottom, while other contaminants will appear clear. At this time, you can determine the quality of sand that you are considering using.

2. Cement

Cement is an important component indispensable in all constructions. Cement decisive contribution to the quality of the work, so the substandard cement selected is a matter of course. Therefore, choose the products of the prestigious brand, quality, are the architects recommended. The use of low-quality cement not only directly affect the work but also wasteful than having to rebuild demolished. In particular, the cement “clones” may affect the health of workers.

3. Stone

The main function of the stone is increased stamina for concrete. Today, small stones in size 20 x 25 mm, angular shape, no impurities and less grain flat components most commonly used.

4. Concrete and mortar

Concrete and mortar is a mixture of cement, water, sand, stone and additives. In particular, rock and sand-bearing role; adhesive and lubricating water role, to fill the void; sand and cement intensity reduction does not reach the design. Concrete and mortar should be maintained as reasonable and correct way by keeping moisture from 7- 14 days.

5. Brick

Can check the quality of the brick by observing whether the edges have not really sharp, colors are not synchronized. When brick smashed the definitive sound, dropping from a height of 1 m brick but not broken brick, it was quality tiles. Also, when soaked in water one day brick, if weight increases by 15%, the tiles should not be used.

6. Steel

Steel supports with concrete in load-bearing, supporting works. The choice of steel as well as the selection of cement, steel pick it up from the prestigious brands on the market, also refer to the size and type of steel from the architect or contractor works.